Bernoulli Society promotes sciences of probability (including stochastic processes) and mathematical statistics. It supports connections across the worldwide community of statisticians and probabilists.

Since 1975


BS: Bernoulli Society for Mathematical Statistics and Probability

Dedicated to increasing natural knowledge and the welfare of mankind.

The Bernoulli Society is a professional association which aims to further the progress of probability and mathematical statistics, founded as part of the International Statistical Institute in 1975.

The objectives of the Bernoulli Society are the advancement of the sciences of probability (including stochastic processes) and mathematical statistics and of their applications to all those aspects of human endeavour, which are directed towards the increase of natural knowledge and the welfare of mankind.

The Bernoulli Society is led by an Executive Committee and a Council. In addition there are several standing committees for specific administrative functions, the development and advancement of specific subject areas in mathematical statistics, probability theory and stochastic processes and their applications, and the support of activities that promote the cooperation within geographical regions.
Executive Committee
President: Adam Jakubowski (Poland) (See picture)
President-Elect: Victor Panaretos (Switzerland)
Past President Claudia Klüppelberg (Germany)
Executive Secretary (Ex-officio): Conchita Kleijweg (Netherlands)
Membership Secretary: Sebastian Engelke (Switzerland)
Scientific Secretary: Song-Xi Chen (China)
Treasurer: Johan Segers (Belgium)
Publications Secretary: Mark Podolskij (Luxemburg)
Publicity Secretary: Leonardo Rolla (UK)
Ex officio: Conchita Kleijweg (Netherlands)

The Bernoulli Society is named after the Bernoulli family of mathematicians and scientists whose researchers covered 'most areas of scientific knowledge'.

We reward excellence.
Awards and Prizes.

+ The Bernoulli Prize for an Oustanding Survey Article in Statistics: Ulrike von Luxburg

+ BS New Researcher Award: Edgar Dobriban, Qiyang Han and Lucas Janson

+ Wolfgang Doeblin Prize: Yinon Spinka