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We deeply believe that by building capacity, we can bridge differences.

Building capacity empowers people far beyond their own development.

The ISI has been working actively to bolster the capacity of developing countries through a variety of initiatives.

The 2013 White Paper on Statistical Capacity Building outlines our objectives as: providing statistical professionals in the public and private sectors with access to the latest methods for data collection, analysis, and interpretation; and contributing to the development of statistical infrastructure and human resources in official, survey, and business statistics, as well as in statistical education and research.

To this end, the ISI held several workshops to train senior staff in national statistical offices on improving the quality of statistical information.
Additionally, the ISI funded workshops and conferences on statistical practice in Africa and Asia, and partnered with the University of Oslo to create a virtual mentoring program for PhD students.

Furthermore, the ISI provided support for participants from developing countries to attend ISI and Association conferences.

These activities have been funded through World Bank Trust Funds for Statistical Capacity Building and the African Development Bank. This funding ended in 2020. In 2022, we have been actively working to secure funding and sponsorships to provide the necessary resources for our capacity building ambitions.
Being Connected. Being Relevant.
The ISI Capacity Building Committee is dedicated to empowering statisticians and data scientists to reach their full potential. Through capacity building activities, we strive to create a learning environment that encourages collaboration between all types of statisticians and data scientists, while also helping them to better connect with other professions and become more relevant to society.
We help to improve the proficiency of statisticians so they can effectively address the world's current issues and to accelerate the adoption of digitalization for sustainable growth.